Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Take a Break: Fascinators

What does the recent wedding of Kate and William have to do with this week’s “take a break” post? Since the Kentucky Derby is Saturday, followed by Mother’s Day on Sunday, how could I not learn how to make those outrageous “hats,” known as “fascinators?” Forget Westminster Abby, wedding vows and a queen, I was glued to the pictures of the hats. Ho do they keep them on their head?

Whether you want to surprise your “Mum” with a fascinator or not, you’ll have a lot of fun learning how these are made. The key seems to be the more outrageous the better, and the more they appear to be suspended on the wearer’s head, the best.

There are a variety of ways to make these, but there is one basic-you’ll need a base to start your construction. Side combs, headband, clips, or a fascinator base (these should have a side comb attached) all work as the foundation for feathers, rhinestones, jewels, objects or whatever you feel inspired to glue, tape or sew. Watch “How to Wear Hair Fascinators,” and you’ll have a good understanding of how they are designed

I was so inspired Friday night that I took a butterfly hair clip, and inserted a piece of Styrofoam onto one side of it (glue definitely helps it stay in place) and started gluing and sticking items into it. I was going for totally outrageous, so used things like curling ribbon stuck into the Styrofoam with pins. My goal was to make it so big and bold that once it was in my hair, the curling ribbon and other stuff would hide the clip. I have yet to finish it though.

I’ve also experimented with more conservative measures in the past. I was going to a wedding and I needed something for my hair. I took a side comb, found some silk flowers that matched my dress, and sewed them on to the comb. It worked just fine.

Hats and Fascinators- Royal Wedding Fashion: If you didn’t have a chance to see some of the fascinators worn at last week’s Royal wedding, The Telegraph has an interesting selection. In viewing these hats, some of which seem to defy gravity, think lots of pins, side combs and elastic.

Fascinator How to Guide: Make Your Own Fascinator for the Races

A zipper fascinator tutorial

How to Make Hair Fascinators from The Beading Gem’s Journal: Lots of links to a variety of sites.

How to Make A Fascinator: From the UK’s Largest Millinery Supplier (Video) Don’t think they’re into using glue guns.

Fascinator Hat Tutorial-Whitney Sews (video): This one is all about the glue gun and items you have around the house.

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