Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recycled Art from Old Magazines

While you may be well passed spring cleaning, for some of us that were still dealing with snow in early May, we’re just now getting around to hauling things to the transfer station, better known as “the dump.” Since our town doesn’t recycle paper, and I don’t always get to the town that does, they pile up. While I do try to drop them off at hospitals and waiting rooms, I still have a nice stack. So below are some various projects you can try.

Recycle magazines to those who might enjoy them: Besides medical and dental offices, consider dropping off magazines to any place that has a waiting room, as well as places like nursing homes, churches, prisons, senior center and even your local daycare center and school.

Magazine covers are great for punches. Usually made of “cover stock,” these are the perfect weight for punches. I turned an old Scientific American cover into a gorgeous collection of leaves.

Paper Garbage Bin: This is a very cool project and the directions on this video are easy to follow. They will also lay the foundation for the next project.

Magazine Bowls: These can be pretty pricey at a home goods store, but the technique is simple.

Paper Mache: Start by taking a bowl and covering it well with plastic wrap. Cut up magazines and newspaper into strips. Make a paste of flour and water. Dip the strips in the glue and place onto the bowl. For best results, let it dry before adding layers. Once it’s completely dry, unmold. You can then paint it or just decoupage it. A variation is to rip up magazine pages into very tiny pieces and soak in water until it becomes very mushy. You can hasten the process by using a blender and hot water. Prepping a bowl with plastic wrap, just dab on bits of the paper mulch.

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