Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Take a Break: Celebrate April Fools

Celebrated throughout the world on April 1. The origins are really unknown. It may date back to 1582 when the Gregorian Calendar was introduced in France and New Year’s Day was moved from March 25-April 1 (New Year’s week) to January 1. Since communication wasn’t the best in those days, there were those who didn’t learn about the change for years, and others who refused to adopt the change, and so those who celebrated on the last day (April 1) were called “fools.” These people had practical jokes played on them and were the butt of many pranks.

Here are a variety of things you can try for April Fools this year.

Learn more about April Fools history

• Food Pranks: There are lots of fun ways to do make dinner like dessert and vice versa. Try one of the recipes from the Food Network’s “fake out” desserts.

There is also the “meatloaf cake,” where you make your favorite meatloaf recipe in a cake pan and use mashed potatoes as the “frosting.” You can even dye the mashed potatoes a different color

Create soap that wont lather by painting the soap with clear fingernail polish

Bug ice-cubes: Pick up some realistic plastic bugs, ants, flies etc. Place one in each cube of an ice tray. Fill with water and place in the freezer. Serve cold drinks with the ice cubes.

On the rocks: You can pick up a bag of rocks at the Dollar Store, clean them and when serving a drink “on the rocks,” hold off on the ice (unless it’s a bug cube) and use the clean rocks.

33 Harmless, Pesky Pranks

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