Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Take a Break: It’s Back to School- Hand and Finger Art /Paralympics

To coincide with the start of school in my community, as well as the opening of the Paralympic games in London, today’s post is about using what you have to be as creative as possible.

Yes, this post is a day early. That’s because I’m taking my youngest to college, so no post on Saturday this week.

Remember those funky turkey pictures you made in first grade using your hand? Well now turn your hand into the canvas.

• Milan based artist Guido Daniele creates realistic images of birds and other animals with nothing but the hand. Klaire De Lys provides step by step instruction on achieving something similar using eye brow pencil and face paints. that are easy to follow (parrots, tigers, using eye liner and face paints. This is a good time to hit the Dollar Store to pick up the Halloween face paints that are already apeparing in stores.

• Five years ago in Rome, my family fell in love with Marcel, whom my niece calls the “Puppet Master.” Watching him perform his amazing finger puppetry in Piazza Navona kept us spell bound. Thanks to U Tube, you can watch him as Michael Jackson.

• Check out a variety of creative and funny ways to use your fingers.

• Finger prints,: Your own DNA, can be a source of all kinds of art. You can make a thumb or finger print, scan it into your computer, increase the size, use different colors and make very interesting, and truly one of a kind design art. You can also try some Fingerprint Characters.

Who better exemplifies making the most of what you have but the competitors of the Paralympics? These athletes are beyond amazing and inspiring. Wheelchair basketball is a fast paced and aggressive game, but don’t over look track and field . There is a wide array of sports to choose from, so be sure to sample the 28 different sporting events being offered.

Unfortunately, coverage of these events are minimal by commercial television. NBC Sports Network (formerly “Versus”) will be running one-hour highlight shows starting on Sept. 4 for four days. NBC will have a 90-minute special on Sept. 16. However, Utube and the Paralympic organizations will be offering live streaming.

If none of this is inspiring for a “take a break,” watch how the French women burn calories.

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