Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Take a Break: Gargoyles, Chimeras and Haiku

I’m still under the spell of Paris, where I fell in love with the gargoyles and chimeras. It’s important to set the record straight about these creatures. First of all, a true gargoyle is basically a drainpipe, designed to get water off the roof and away from the building. There is a trench in the gargoyle and the water typically comes spurting out of their mouth. Yes, Notre Dame is loaded with them as are several other buildings in Paris.

Often referred to as gargoyles, the creatures perched on the balcony of Notre Dame are actually “chimeras,” which are mixes of different types of animal parts. I couldn’t help but imagine them having conversations, as some of them looked down right bored.

“Look at that gal getting off the bus. Does she really think that’s an appropriate outfit to wear to church?”

“Geesh, same view for 850 years. You’d think they’d let me move around or something.”

“If that little kid screams one more time, I’m going to give him something to scream about.”

Today’s post is writing a haiku about what the gargoyles and/or chimeras of Notre Dame might be saying. For example:

See the American guy

Staring at me

Very scary dude

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