Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentines Gifts for Hospital Patients

Because Valentine’s Day is associated with chocolates, flowers, luscious meals and cards, this can offer some challenges as well as opportunities when visiting a person in the hospital. In addition to the suggestions from Unique Gifts for Hospital Patients, consider some of the following ways to celebrate the “love” holiday.

•  Bring a meal from the person’s favorite eatery (could be your kitchen) that the two of you can share. Check for dietary restrictions before you order/cook. Create the ambiance by including such things as: flameless candles; a small tablecloth-a yard of fabric works-to cover the table; special napkins and a Valentine’s Day glass. Wine glasses work for water too. A quick trip to your local Dollar Store may inspire other items for the romantic dinner.

• Check with the staff, and if it’s okay, arrange for a special massage, or bring some special oils and give them a nice foot rub.

• Dark chocolate is actually good for you, so bring a box-provided there aren’t dietary restrictions.

• Flowers always cheer up a room. However, as many hospitals have live plant and flower restrictions, consider some other options for the vase including: origami flowers; a fan; button and felt flowers;  seashells

• Since spending time with someone is the best gift of all, consider bringing a romantic movie to watch together. Many will have their favorite and so need no help here. However, if you are looking for a good suggestion, you might want to consider some of the following:
-       I Hate Valentine’s Day
-       Valentine’s Day
-       Mr. & Mrs. Smith
-       Titanic
-       When Harry Met Sally
-       The black and white films: Casablanca; The Philadelphia Story; Notorious; Some Like it Hot; Roman Holiday

• Creating something is relaxing, so consider some of these fun and easy Valentine projects

• There are lots of fun clothing items for Valentine’s Day, such as socks with hearts on them, pajamas, T-shirts etc. Places like Old Navy will have them on sale before Valentine’s Day.

And of course, don't forget the card. 

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