Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Take a Break: Celebrate the Oak Tree

It’s almost the end of September and the oak tree leaves are turning glorious shades of color and providing millions of tiny acorns (future oak trees). So today’s “take a break” is all about celebrating America’s National Tree (designated in 2004).

The oak tree family is made up of hundreds of species and can live over 200 years, providing all sorts of benefits including lumber and food for wild life.
You can find some variety of oak tree for almost all planting zones in the US.

Some ways to celebrate the oak tree:

• Go for a walk and collect leaves and acorns and try some of the following projects:

Collect acorns, dry them and use them to accent candles (flame less are probably better to use with dried acorns).

Make an Acorn Garland.  It’s up to you whether you want to paint them or leave them as is.  String beads between the acorns. Might be a pretty garland for a Christmas tree.

Mini candles: Remove the caps and fill with melted wax. Insert a small wick before the wax hardens. Float in a shallow for a centerpiece. My husband has been known to float tiny candles like this while he’s taking a bath.

Not interested in today’s activity, go to the Take a Break Pinterest Board. and pick out something else.

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