Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Take a Break: Decorate Candles

The December holidays all use candles as part of their many traditions. Today’s “take a break” is about the many ways to decorate purchased candles.

Step one is to get a variety of candles suitable for decorating-pillars, tapers, squares and votives. T-lights are generally too small, however, there are many ways to decorate holders for them, which we will explore in another post this month. When selecting candles that you wish to light, purchase ones made of soy or beeswax that do not have metal in the wick. If you aren’t planning on lighting the candle, or you will be using the candle outside, you can go with inexpensive ones that you find at the Dollar Store.

• Wrap ribbons around the middle of the candle. Glue or pin items (e.g. buttons, old jewelry) to the ribbon.

• Print or stamp images to tissue paper and then gently melt them into the candle using a heat tool. It is best to use white candles for this project. The Create Decorative Candles video gives a good demonstration of how to do this with a printed image Create your own custom candles shows how to use rubber stamps. You can also use a photograph on a candle.

• Paint candles with acrylic paints. Use unscented candles. How to Paint white candles provides a very interesting effect with a very simple technique

Bead Candles: Larger beads can be pinned into place, smaller ones can be pushed in after gently heating the wax with a heat tool.

• Using sheets of colored wax, cut out shapes (cookie cutters work great) and with just the heat of your hand, they can be placed on the candle.

For more ways to decorate candles, check out the HGTV website on this topic.

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