Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Take a Break: Enjoy Water

Maybe because it’s been snowing yet again this week, and I so long for more signs of spring, but I have found myself taking every chance I can to watch the water flow freely again in the river near my home. Water is an integral part of our planet and our bodies are more than 75% water. No wonder we find ourselves relaxing by fountains, staring out to sea, and fall asleep to the sounds of waves crashing or a brook bubbling. As a friend of mine, who grew up in Europe near that Atlantic Ocean, “when I wasn’t feeling well, my mother would tell me to go walk on the beach. It always made me feel better.”

Today’s “take a break” is to enjoy water in one form or other. Try some of the following:
• Take a walk to a park or area where you can see water. Sit and enjoy it. Breathe deeply and inhale the smell. Notice the birds and other wild life.

• Create an indoor water feature. Take a large waterproof bowl, vase or whatever you have handy. Stick a water pump into it. You can purchase these any place they sell fish tanks. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Cover the pump with rocks, add water and enjoy. You can also purchase a water feature at a number of stores, including places like Wal Mart.

• Soak in a bath or hot tub. Go for a swim.

• Google your favorite beach resort and watch a video.

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