Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Take a Break: Last Minute Thanksgiving Thanks/Countdown Calendars

As tomorrow is Thanksgiving, below are some last minute ways to express your thanks this season.

Start by making a list of all the people you are thankful for. Note the reasons why are you grateful for them. With this list in hand, consider the following:

• If you aren’t going to see them tomorrow, let them know by sending them a special Happy Thanksgiving e-mail or virtual card, or call them. 

• If you are hosting Thanksgiving, make place card holders, with a short sentence, or even a few words, of why you like and appreciate each of your guests. If you need some inspiration for place cards, check out How to Make Memorable Thanksgiving Place Card Holders. 

• If you are going to be a guest for Thanksgiving, consider a hostess gift of something simple, which relates to why you enjoy them. For example, give a favorite CD, with a note that thanks them for being such a good listener.  For other ideas, check out 46 Pun Intended Thank You Gift Ideas. 

• Practice a short loving kindness meditation (less than three minutes) for those that you are thankful for. 

Since Thanksgiving ushers in the holiday season, select what type of “countdown” calendar you’d like to use this year for the count down

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For those interested in solstice, check out New Age Calendar. 

Chanukah Countdown clock

Happy Thanksgiving!

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