Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Take a Break With pumpkins

 While this may seem like a post that I should have done in October, I happen to love pumpkins. I did the same thing last year in November, Pumpkin Fun/What to do with Left Over Halloween Candy but found some additional things to try.

 Pumpkin Butter:  Thinking about making this for Holiday presents. Could also be a nice item to bring as a hostess gift for Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin as the Center Piece: These are some of my favorites and are pretty easy to do
• Southern Living’s Smashing Pumpkin Centerpiece: Jewel tone fall flowers tucked inside a pumpkin. Takes about 30 minutes. 

Leafy Centerpiece Pumpkin: Set leaves between paper towels and flatten them under a book for at least five days. Then brush decoupage glue on a white pumpkin and arrange the leaves. Cut small slits along the edges of the leaves as you go so they'll fit the pumpkin's contours. To finish, coat the decorated surface in decoupage glue. 

• Wrap a Pumpkin with Bittersweet: If you can’t find real bittersweet, check out your local craft store. By this point, they are so anxious to put out their holiday stuff; you might even find it for sale.

Ice Bucket: Choose a wide pumpkin. Cut off the top third, scoop out the guts. Insert a bowl and load with ice and drinks.

• Pumpkin Cake: Make two bunt cakes. Cool. With a layer of jelly, icing or another filling of your choice, but bottoms together. By carefully matching up the sides, it should look like a pumpkin. Make an orange icing and cover the entire cake. Sections can be highlighted with a darker orange and leaves and stems can be made out of colored fondant or marzipan.

Pumpkins not doing it for you today? Check out Art for the Healthy Spirit. The author of this blog, Kathy Parsonnet, and I are co-directors of Chronic Conditions Information Network of VT And NH. 

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