Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Take a Break: Make Spring Pinwheels

Snow, snow and more snow, has me longing for spring. Even if it’s due to arrive on March 21, I wont see the first flowers until well into April. I wanted to do something different, since I’m forever making flowers out of paper or scraps of felt. The answer was simple “pinwheels.” Easy to make and so much fun to play with on a windy March day-even if it is snowing.  Make them small or large using an array of materials-from a brown paper bag to felt.  Make a group of them and place in a vase. Wear one in your hair or turn it into a pin. You can even make a very large one for a bridal bouquet.


Don’t forget we “spring forward” this weekend. Day light savings time goes into effect, so move your clock forward one hour before going to sleep Saturday night. 

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