Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Take a Break: Create/Enjoy Wind Chimes

Many years ago, a friend was very ill and a wonderful woman named Bev, took up a collection to purchase healing wind chimes for her. It was much loved, and as it turns out, wind chimes have been used throughout history as a healing force. However, all wind chimes are not equal. Some can make you feel less than meditative. Today’s post is about making wind chimes and using them as a healing tool.

Regardless of what design you choose, they generally follow a basic design: a center mount or “banger” that is surrounded by various sound-producing items. How to Make Wind Chimes Using Items in Your Home. 

Living in Vermont, where there are tons of discarded ski poles, my husband cut some up and made wind chimes out of them as a fundraiser for the snow academy my oldest son attended. I have a feeling that there were more novelty item than actually enjoyable chimes, but in truth, I never heard them.

To start, check out An Engineering Approach toWind Chime Design.  Lee Hite has taken all the guess work out of it and can tell you what to use and how to achieve the effect that works for you. Keeping with the idea of tubular wind chimes, watch the video Make You Own Wind Chimes.

 Other sites to consider

If you have no interest in making wind chimes, but enjoy their sound, try some of the following links:

As you listen to the wind chimes, try 4-7-8Breathing. 

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