Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Take a Break: Have Fun with Pool Noodles

It’s summer and the pool noodles abound-at home, the beach, swimming pool etc. Here are some fun ways to enjoy them, including ideas for recycling those that are wrecked and stuck in the back of the garage.  

Make a garland for outdoor parties: Cut them into ½ thick pieces (use the noodles that have ridges in them) and string them together with a needle and thread. Watch a video  You can also put a piece of wire through one edge and wire it to a strand of lights. 

Make stamps out of them: Again using the ridged noodle, cut ½ inch pieces, dab on the paint and stamp.

• Napkin rings: Perfect for pool side dinning. Slice into ½ pieces, pull the napkin through the hole and viola!

• Flower Bouquet: This would be a fun surprise for someone in the hospital. Use a ridged pool noodle. Cut into ½ inch sections. Stick a green pipe cleaner (think the correct name is craft sticks) in one end. Put a bunch together in a vase.

 Large flowers: Use two different circular noodles. Slice in ½ inch slices. Glue five in a circle (they’ll look like daisy petals) and add a contrasting color in the middle. 

Make a wreath-Just tape the ends together, or connect with a wooden dowel,  and start decorating. Like Styrofoam, you can stick pins in them.

Make an Epee (sword) and practice your fencing skills 

Make a Bendee: Stick a wire (unbend a clothes hanger) and bend the noodle into any shape you want. Make a giant heart. Use several to make a shamrock. With a number of them, you can make giant flowers.

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