Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Take a Break: Watch Fireworks Set to Music/Roller Coaster Ride/4th of July idea

Summer and the 4th of July mean one thing-FIREWORKS! The best displays happen all summer at the Montreal International Fireworks Competition. Can’t make it to Montreal? Enjoy the magic on your computer by going to the following sites:

• Check out the 2012 Gold Medal Winner USA

Not that interested in fireworks? Take a virtual roller coaster ride.

Need a last minute 4th of July project? Try Martha’s sand candlecenterpiece.  Don’t have any sand, let alone colored sand, handy? Use sugar or salt instead and color it. If you’ve never made colored sugar or salt, it’s very easy. Pour the salt/sugar into a zip lock
bag and add your food coloring. Zip it up and start massaging until you get the color you want.

If you want to make colored sand, put it in a bowl or zip lock bag. Add water so it barely covers the sand. Add a generous amount of food color or dry tempera paint. Stir and set aside until you reach the desired color (this can take a while). Empty out the water and pour the sand on paper or paper towels and let dry. 

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