Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Take a Break: Welcome Spring/Say Good bye to winter

The first day of the spring equinox is March 20. So today, March 19, you can either say “so long winter,”  and drink up the last of the hot chocolate by a roaring fire, or get ready to say “hello spring.”

• Provide nesting materials for the birds. Take handfuls of yarn scraps (4-8 inches in length) and stuff them into a suet feeder or some other device (maybe the bag onions came in) that the birds can easily access. In the days that follow, watch the yarn disappear and be on the look out for brightly colored nests Learn other ways to help the birds this spring at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
Make melted snowman cookies and share with friends. 

• Make crepe paper Daffodils: The Dollar Store is a good place to shop for crepe paper in lots of different colors. 
Video version       

• Treat yourself to a pedicure, since sandal season isn’t that far off. Check out Easy at-home pedicure shortcuts for2,5 or 35 minutes. 

• Get your camera/cell phone ready to take pictures on the first day of spring.

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