Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Take a Break: Enjoy The Thirteen Clocks/Dr. Who

Written by the humorist James Thurber, “The Thirteen Clocks” is one of my favorite books. Published in 1950, Thurber, was loosing his eyesight and so it’s all about the words, some of which he made up. Only 124 pages long, with illustrations, it’s the story of a one-eyed evil Duke (he lost his eye to a bird) who wanders through his cold castle that is also home to his beautiful and warm niece, the lovely princess Saralinda. Filled with unusual characters, such as the Golux and todal, it’s a book to enjoy over and over again.

It’s currently this month’s Wall Street Journal’s book-club discussion choice  so you can join fantasy writer Neil Gaiman as he discusses the book. You can also listen to Gaiman read the first part of the book.  Not sure the English accent works, since Thurber was from Ohio and spent many years living in New York City and Connecticut.  

While it can be read in text via a PDF file, it is best enjoyed with all of its illustrations. The first chapter of the book, with illustrations, is narrated by Watch Know Learn. Your local library should have a copy.

Want a different type of fantasy today? Watch season one, episode one of “Dr. Who."  If you’re like me, and a new comer to Dr. Who, you can catch up on the first 47 years of Dr. Who in just six minutes.

Not interested in today’s activity? Check out the Take a Break Pinterest for lots of Take a Break ideas. 

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