Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Take a Break: Repurposing Neckties

With just a few days until Father’s Day, below are some fun ideas to try using neckties:

• If you have time and a large stash of ties, try making a quilt. These were very popular in Victorian times.  Don’t have enough for a quilt, use the same technique to make a vest, clutch, small throw or pillow.  If you want the Victorian look, you need to do top stitching and go with more of a crazy quilt design. Use the pillow pattern for inspiration and try a variety of top stitching.  

• Create fabric with ties, by cutting and sewing together. Once you have the fabric, cut up to make vests, scarves, ottomans, pillows or whatever appeals to you.

• Tie mask: Now here’s a gift he will appreciate, particularly if he travels a lot and uses eye masks for sleep. 

 So if there isn’t time to do something for Dad with old ties, make him a pair of typography glasses

Not interested in today’s activity? Check out the Take a Break Pinterest for lots of Take a Break ideas. 

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