Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Take a Break: Celebrate the Watermelon

Who knew that watermelon was both a vegetable and a fruit. It has all sorts of benefits, such as vitamin C and A, potassium and dietary fiber, and it tastes wonderful. Since it’s the height of summer, so what better day to celebrate the watermelon.

First, and maybe most important, learn how to Pick the perfect watermelon. Once you’ve brought your watermelon home, leave it at room temperature, as that helps it retain all its vitamins. Chill it just before serving. Wash and dry the melon before cutting, which reduces any contaminants getting into the “meat.”

Recipes using watermelon
•  Onion, Feta Watermelon Salad: This is my favorite summer salad, even though I use half the olive oil and red wine vinegar recommended in this recipe. Tastes great with or without the mint. 

• Granita: A favorite of mine for parties or hot days.

 • Watermelon Cake 

Inspired by the watermelon
• Cookies: The directions use all store bought items. My recommendation is use your own recipes for a sugar cookie or shortbread, dying the batter green and using homemade frosting with a bit of red food coloring. 

• Earrings from Polymer Clay: This video is not in English, but the directions are very clear and easy to follow. 

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