Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Take a Break: Celebrate Oktoberfest

Held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, Oktoberfest since 1810, this year it began on September 20 and will last for about 16 days. So we’re right in the middle of the festivities.

• See pictures from 2014’s Munich Oktoberfest 

• Check your local papers to see if there is a local Oktoberfest festival.

• Try some Oktoberfest beers. Many microbreweries will have special Oktoberfest beers on tap. However, the beer floats with ice cream? That’s just plain wrong.

• Enjoy some Oktoberfest music and parades
-       Oktoberfest song 
-       Oktoberfest Songs 

• Besides beer, Oktoberfest is a foodie’s delight. Try out some of the following recipes:
-       Bratwurst Sliders 

• Party Decorations: Think blue and white checkers for the main color theme and pattern, since these represent the German state of Bavaria. If you’re lucky enough to still have flowers in bloom, decorate the table with vases of fresh flowers, German flags or whatever is handy. From the pictures, table settings are minimal as this is a festival all about the food and beer. Some items you might try:
-       Beer candles 

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