Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Take a Break: Create Steampunk Anything/Top Hat/Mask

I’ve always loved the various gears and clocks etc. that mesh together to make incredible art, jewelry, furniture, costumes and even film. I’m a fan of “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “Hugo,” and read “The Golden Compass” in close to one sitting. Until recently, I hadn’t realized this all came under the title of “Steampunk.” So my “Fun a Day”  has been exploring the world of Steampunk and trying various aspects of it.

If you aren’t familiar with the term “steampunk,” think Jules Verne meets Mad Max in the Victorian age. Originally, the term was used to refer to a genre of fiction – a sub-genre of science fiction actually, where steam power and springy gadgets were tossed into Victorian-era or Westernized Wild-West type settings.   The term doesn’t just apply to fiction writing anymore, and now refers to a wildly popular artistic movement.  Though there are hundreds of interpretations of the movement..... Beyond the Gears: the Steampunk Movement 

As I mentioned in last week’s Fun A Day post, I’m doing something daily around Steampunk art, which is the aspect that interests me the most. At the moment that’s taking the shape of a Mardi Gras costume. So far I’ve made a purple top hat and a mask. The latter came about as an accident.

I created a stencil of Steampunk images, and happened to be looking at masks made from lace. Realizing that the stencil I made had a lot of the qualities of lace, I turned it into a mask. You can google “free steampunk stencils” and come out with a variety that you can then print and cut out. I happen to love to cut paper, so this is perfect for me.

For the Steampunk Top Hat, I made it after watching several on-line videos. I found the on-line duct tape one very helpful. That said, you can make the hat out of any type of material-cardboard, heavy paper , duct tape, old yoga mat, felt etc. The basic directions are as follows:

• Start out with a 25 inch by 8 inch piece of material. I used duct tape, but use what you have on hand.
• Measure your head and mark that length on your material. Truth be told I just folded it around my head and taped it. Depending on the material you use, you can glue the sides together or use tape. Make sure the finished product is cylindrical. 
• Using another sheet of your preferred material measuring 15 inch by 15 inch, start in the middle and make a circle the size of your cylinder. This will be the top of the hat.
• From the edge of this circle, measure two inches out all the way around for the brim.
• If using duct tape, there’s no problem with cutting through the brim to cut out the top of the hat. However, if you are using other material, use an exacto knife to cut both pieces out.
• If you use duct tape, follow the instructions in the above video to assemble. If you are using other fabric, glue or sew together.

As far decorations for my top hat, I’m still working on it but I’ve cut out a lot of gears, clocks etc. and have a variety of Mardi gras beads and ribbon. Am looking for some feathers at the moment.

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