Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Take a Break: Create Happiness by Enjoying the Summer

This “take-a-break” was inspired by a Happify's Infographic What You Watch This Summer Can Make You Happier, which is about TV habits-e.g. watching TV movies with the commercials is better than watching commercial free TV. Basically, we naturally enjoy TV less as time goes by, and the interruptions disrupt that process, keeping the enjoyment level high.

So what are those activities you can only do in the summer in your community? Consider the following:

• Pick your own local fruit and veggies from a community farmer and make something special for dinner. Don’t have a local place to pick? Shop for “what’s in season” and put it on the menu.

• Yes, you can read a book any time, but doing so at an outside cafe, beach, deck of a boat, in a hammock, lying on the beach, or any place else you can’t access during the winter months, makes it feel luxurious.

• Be outside, which according to Happify, warm, sunny weather improves mood, memory and creativity. Take a walk, pick flowers, sit on a bench and watch water moving or even the grass growing, watch the sun set. Do Qigong,  meditate or another such practice outside as the sun comes up. Have a picnic, BBQ and/or campfire You only need to spend 20 minutes in nature to feel more alive.

• Go to a baseball game and enjoy the all American pass time. Doesn’t have to be a major league team, Little League can be just as much fun.

• Check your local paper for free outdoor concerts, art shows, theater, festivals, farmers markets etc.

• Call a friend and go see a summer “blockbuster” movie.

• Pick some local “wildflowers,” or whatever grows in your garden and arrange them in a nice vase and place them where you can easily see them.

• Find a new hobby: Seems that all that sunshine means your serotonin (the body’s happy hormone) is at its yearly high so this is a good time to practice something new.

• It’s hot out so what about a slip ‘n slide? All you need is a plastic sheet, hose, a hill and maybe some detergent.

• Camp out in your backyard and watch the stars.

• Host a lemonade stand.

• Visit an ice cream stand.

Not interested in today’s activity? Check out the Take a Break Pinterest for lots of Take a Break ideas. 

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