Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Take a Break: Create an Inspiration for Someone to Discover

Stopping by our friend’s house and not finding her home, my husband decided to leave her a token of his visit. He took stones from the driveway and made a heart on her dinning room table, which she thoroughly enjoyed even though she was unsure whom it was from.

 At this time of year in Vermont, after a snowfall, it’s wonderful to see cars with hearts and other signs “mittened” in. Certainly much better than salt drenched cars with “wash me” scrawled into the dirt that are popular during mud season. Before long, some adventurous folks in town will create snow sculptures that just make you stop and smile.

So today’s “take a break” is about creating an inspiration for others to discover in unusual ways and places, without resorting to posting them on Facebook or Twitter. The idea is that people going through their day will stumble upon them and it will make their day just a bit brighter.

• Use objects on a refrigerator door. Sometimes you’ll even find letters and words

• Sand is a great place to build or write a message

• Chalkboards and white boards

• Community boards are just begging for small little notes that are mysteriously posted

• Use a stone and write or draw something on it. Place it in a waiting room, library bookshelf, co-worker’s desk, in-book. The possibilities are endless

Not interested in today’s activity? Check out the Take a Break Pinterest for lots of Take a Break ideas. 

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