Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Take a Break: One a Day Projects in January

Some times it feels like a “jumpstart” is needed when January rolls around. In Vermont, temps are in the minus readings and hibernation can lead to “cabin fever,” which is less than desirable. Last year’s Fun a Day project was a good boost to get the New Year off, so this year it’s One a Day projects.

My theme is making something every day with recycled aluminum cans (beer and soda cans). Since the Christmas tree is still up, reflectors for the lights on the tree have become an obsession. Some I like, some not so much, but I’m finding that my first thoughts of the morning are about a new approach to creating the reflectors, which is an improvement over worrying about something I have no control over any way.

While many communities have One a Day or Fun A Day shows, you can easily share your projects on social media to help inspire yourself and others. Also, don’t feel you need to limit them to something artistic. There are just two simple rules
• It’s enjoyable (fun)
• It’s something you want to do or try.

Consider the following One a Day projects
• Draw, sketch, color, paint
• Cut, saw, piece, sew
• Glue, tear, construct
• Write (short story, chapter, poem, essay)
• Photograph
• Organize: Could be a room where you do something every day so that by Feb. 1 it’s a new and inspiring place to be. Have a collection of stuff? Spend time each day organizing them into a unique display
• Read
• Meditate
• Hike, bike, swim, walk
• Yoga, Qigong, Tai chi

Need more ideas? Check out the Take a Break Pinterest for lots of Take a Break ideas. 

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