Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Importance of ‘Thank You’

My winter job at a ski resort involves dealing with lots of injured and sick people. It’s interesting to see who thanks us and who doesn’t. While I wouldn’t necessarily expect it from someone in serious pain, they are often the very ones who do let us know they appreciate our help. Yet a number of people walk out without a second thought, maybe viewing us as one more amenity that they take for granted as part of their resort experience.

How often do you say “Thank You” during the course of your day? Who do you say it to and when? Do you think this is a waste of time and/or an outdated custom?

It’s important to let people know that you appreciate what they’ve done, are doing or about to do. A simple “thank you” sends the message that they’re noticed, appreciated and they matter. This in turn, helps generate a sense of purpose, which we all need to thrive.

If you need a research study to prove the point, check out Proof That Saying “Thank You” Matters.  This study compared volunteers who were systematically thanked and those that weren’t. Those that were thanked were more likely to volunteer, committed more hours and took on more projects than those who weren’t.

While it’s nice to be thanked, it’s heart warming to see the smiles of appreciation when you express your gratitude.  It’s definitely a small thing we can do that creates a “win-win” for all.

So make the day a bit brighter by saying a heartfelt “thank you.”

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