Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Make a Take a Break Jar

To encourage yourself to “take a break,” create a jar that is filled with lots of activities that you can do. Using slips of paper or pictures, put as many “take a break” activities as you’d like into a large wide mouth jar, vase or some other container. Create separate jars with a theme such as Christmas, Halloween, Exercise, Crafts, spring, meditation, activities that take 5 minutes or less etc. Be sure to fold the paper so you can’t see what it says.

There are currently 216 pins on Healing Whole’s Take a Break Pinterest  Board. The actual number of activities is probably closer to 1,000 as many posts include multiple projects and activities-lots of ideas to inspire you.

Once your “jar” is filled with “take a breaks,” set it where you will be reminded to select an item at random each day. It’s up to you whether to return an activity to the jar.

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