Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Take a Break: Celebrate Earth Week 2016

Hard to believe that Earth Day/Week has been going on since 1970. So this year make a difference to mother earth by engaging in one of the following activities:

• Attend an earth day event in your area. Check local media sources as well as Find an Event in Your Area 

• Plant a tree or donate funds to have one donated in your name or someone you would like to honor.

• Start a garden

• Create a Little Free Library  as a way to re purpose materials, recycle books and promote literacy in your community. 

• Make a birdhouse

• Give up bottled water. Purchase a water bottle (glass or stainless steel) and use it.

• Re purpose some everyday items into something new:
No Sew T shirt totes Option 1  Option 2- use a tank top. Turn it inside out and gather the ends together and tie it with a piece of string, or whatever you have handy. Tie it tight though. Turn it right side out. Voila.
-       Wreath from old pool noodles and one off flip flops (maybe I’m the only one that’s forever loosing one). Perfect door decoration for the summer months ahead.

• Ride a bike, walk or carpool

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