Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Take a Break: 5 Projects that Take 15 Minutes or Less

• Have Fun with Washi Tape: This tape comes in a wide array of colors and patterns, is cheap (less than a dollar a role), and readily available now at places like WalMart. Check out the Washitapecrafts website for lots of ideas. 

• Create a Zen Garden or Desk Sandbox: You can use anything that will hold sufficient sand. A hinged box makes it portable. Not everyone is drawn to stones and the patterns of a Zen garden so add small toys if that’s more your style. Sand is available at craft stores, at your local beach and places like Home Dept. 

Add fresh fruit to the pie or garnish
• 3 ingredient Pie: Okay, it’s three ingredients if you think of a Graham Cracker pie crust as one ingredient. Mix together 1 cup of yogurt (your choice of flavor and fat content) and 8 oz whipped topping. It can be Cool Whip, but there are now some wonderful non dairy whipped creams made with coconut. Put in the freezer and several hours later you’ll have a delicious frozen dessert.

• No Sew T Shirt Shopping Bag: You can use a tank top or cut the sleeves off a T-shirt. Cut out the neckline so the “straps” are large enough to wear on your shoulder. Turn the shirt inside out. Gather the ends together and tie off with scraps, ribbon or whatever you have on hand. Turn right side out and voila!

• Arrange flowers (or other items) found on a 10 minute walk (or longer) in your neighborhood and place on a nightstand, dinning room table or any area in the house that brightens the day. 

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