Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Take a Break: Make a Rain Stick

The combination of the Rio Olympics and dry river beds made me think of “rain sticks,” some form of which appears in many cultures around the world. These are long hollow tubes, partially filled with small pebbles or beans that have small pins or thorns nailed into the center. When you turn the stick up, the beans cascade down making a sound like rain. The Aztecs, and possibly the Incas, used them to encourage rain. Given the current drought, this seems like an ideal instrument to make. 

Traditionally bamboo or dried cactus are used but a stiff cardboard tube (type used for gift wrapping, paper towel) or even plastic can be substituted. Instead of thorns, small nails or even pieces of tooth picks can be pushed into the center, which is needed to create the “rain” effect when the beans, rice or crushed stone trickle down.

Once you have the inside made, decorate the outside covering the spots where you’ve pushed through the small nails. For more instructions, go to Make Your Own Rain Stick

Decorate you rain stick with aboriginal designs or anything that appeals to you. For those who like to color, paste one of your creations on your stick. 

Not interested in today’s activities, try the Take a Break Pinterest Board.

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