Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Take a Break: Cool off with a Granita

Temps are miserable all over the country, so making a granita is easy, healthy and incredibly cooling. The first one I ever had in Rome and I’ve been hooked ever since. If you’ve never heard of a granita, it is an ice usually made from fruit. During cider season, I heat up some cider with some apple pie spices, pour into a glass Pyrex pan and put in the freezer. Every couple of hours I run a fork through it to make lovely big ice crystals. When it’s done, pile into a cup and serve. It’s like having apple pie without any of the guilt. To get started go to 
How to Make Granita Without a Recipe from Epicurious: This recipe does call for some “simple syrup” but in VT we just put in some maple syrup, and for apple cider and watermelon, you don't really need to add anything.

 Not interested in today’s activity, go to the Take a Break Pinterest and pick out something else.

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