Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Take a Break: Repurpose Holiday Decorations for Year Round Use

 As the holiday decorations come down, and your wondering how you could have amassed so much stuff, a lot of which you no longer use, consider ways that various items can be re purposed.

Balls & Ribbon: If you have the space and containers, store by color so they can be taken out and used year round.

Red, white and blue-patriotic holidays
Red, White-Valentine’s Day
Red, Gold: Chinese New Year
Green, Gold and Purple-Mardi Gras
Green, white-St. Patrick’s Day
Black, yellow, orange, purple: Halloween
Orange, yellow, brown: Thanksgiving
Metallic, silver ornaments can be used year round particularly when mixed with natural materials such as sea grass, twine or wood. Place in a bowl or glass vase.

Balls can be hung with ribbon, piled high in a bowl or other glass container, or attached to a wreath frame. If you have the time and talent, decorate some as gifts. Lots of wonderful ideas

Take Things Apart: I found a bunch of glass candle holders my kids made, which we no longer use. Since they have various items attached with craft glue, I dunked them in hot water and let them sit for a while and now have a nice collection of votives that can be used any time of the year.

Take wreaths apart as the frames can be used through out the year for various projects

Artificial Trees (particularly small ones) can be decorated seasonally throughout the year.

Window candles: In VT, where the temps have hardly climbed into the single digits, no one bothers to remove the outside decorations until Easter, so candles in the window are up year round. It is a welcoming touch that is appreciated in all seasons.

Lights: These can be used year round to create a festive touch to just about any occasion. Wrap them carefully and sort by colors for ease of use.

 Not interested in today’s activity, go to the Take a Break Pinterest and pick out something else.

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