Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Take a Break: Make May Baskets

May 1st is several weeks a way so there is time to work on this.

May Day is an ancient traditional spring holiday in many cultures, celebrated with singing, dancing, May poles, Morris dancing, special foods, bonfires and yes, May Baskets. These are small baskets, filled with flowers and/or treats, that are hung on the door of someone’s house, or apartment, and the giver rings the bell and runs away.

Making a paper cone basket
  Download a paper cone pattern and use as a template to cut out cones from card stock
• Because the card stock can be stiff, staple the top and then glue the seam.
• Staple ribbon for the handles.
• Glue buttons, ribbons, paper scraps or whatever appeals to you to cover the staples and to create a nice rim around the cone
• Put a few treats in the bottom to plug the hole-Hershey Kisses work well-and then add flowers, balloons or whatever you like. Make your own flowers from tissue paper or card stock. While real flowers are the prettiest, if using them, wrap the stems in a moist towel and then plastic wrap.

For real flowers
• Clean a tin can (soup, coffee, vegetable)
• Decorate the can if you choose
• Punch holes in the sides for the ribbon handle
• Add flowers and water

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