Saturday, April 7, 2018

Life With Chronic Conditions: Pampering is a good thing

For those affected by chronic conditions, anxiety and stress are commonplace. One of the ways to relieve it is to pamper your self-indulge in kindness and care. And no, it doesn’t have to require spending money or getting in the car to drive somewhere. Keep in mind though it doesn’t include doing something that isn’t healthy for you-e.g. only eating cake for lunch when you are on a restricted diet. I should also note that pampering isn’t the domain of females. Everyone deserves and needs it.

• Linger over a cup of tea, coffee, or another beverage you would enjoy. Sit where it’s comfortable and restful, savoring the experience.

• Call a friend to talk and catch up. Better yet have tea with a friend

• Soak in a bath or hot tub. Depending on your preference, pair it with a good book, candles, and/or aromatherapy

• Give yourself a manicure and/or pedicure. If you can afford to have this done, all the better. Lots of guys get these done and I know musicians that rely on regular manicures to keep their hands in good shape.

• Try restorative yoga, deep breathing and/or meditation

• Get a massage. Look for deals as many spas run them during off hours. Not comfortable with a full body massage, just get one for your feet or shoulders.

• While it could be fun to book yourself into a fancy hotel, order room service, watch a movie and enjoy a spa bath, you can do all these things at home. You can order take out or just pick up simple items from the made to order section of your grocery store

• Buy a special plant or flowers and put them somewhere they can be enjoyed.

• Take a workshop to learn something new, e.g calligraphy. Depending on what it is, you can try on-line tutorials but you’ll need to set up uninterrupted time to work on it

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