Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Take a Break: Halloween 2018 Make Spooky Candles

Candles are a must for Halloween. Below are lots of ways to spookify them.

Cut out Halloween themed items (pumpkin, black cat, bat) from sheets of colored wax (can be called Decorative Sheet Wax) and press onto a candle. Soften the wax sheets by warming them between your hands. You can use tiny cookie cutters to cut out the wax shapes. Warm them up a little bit before sticking them on the candle. 

                                                    Paint them: You can use acrylics.

Make floating candles via Harry Potter, use the video above. You can also save time by wrapping the candle in white paper.

If you've been following the new series of Christine McConnell's Curious Creations on Netflix you may have seen her make a candle, then drip white wax onto it, ultimately carving a face into it. If not, check it out here. You don't have to start by making your own candle, just use a store bought one and cover with melted wax.

Decorate with napkins: While this video is for Christmas, the technique is the same. There are some great Halloween paper napkins out there. 

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