Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Take a Break: Honor Thanksgiving with an Act of Kindness

This week a friend sent me the most incredible letter. Sadly, just eight months ago, her spouse died unexpectedly, and while this could so easily be the worse Thanksgiving of her life, instead she's chosen to do it differently. The letter begins, “This has indeed been a devastating and difficult year. However, as we approach Thanksgiving, I find myself being thankful for so many things. I felt I needed to share them with you, because you are someone I am thankful for!”


Thanksgiving ushers in the holidays, which can often be a reminder of our impermanence. It is for this reason that holidays can be incredibly sad reminders but it’s also a time to acknowledge what we do have by simple acts of kindness, such as the letter my friend sent me. Need some other ideas:

• Hug someone
• Participate in Tie One on Day (that would be an apron)
• Make holiday ornaments for friends, neighbors as a way to usher in the season and remind them that they matter to you.
• House, pet or baby sit for someone free of charge
• Place a giant pile of pennies next to a fountain with a note about how you hope their wishes come true
• Check out 101 Random Acts of Kindness, paying particularly attention to the 101st idea.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Not interested in today’s activities, try the Take a Break Pinterest Board.

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