Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Take A Break: Do something for the Dads

Father’s Day is this coming Sunday. So today’s post is all about ways to help the men in your life have an enjoyable relaxing Father’s Day while you “take a break” today.

Even though you have about five days, there is still time to make a card and send it. The following links might inspire some new ideas for cards:

Clip art for Dad’s

• Make a “shirt” card for Father’s Day using directions for making a folded shirt from a dollar bill. Use a legal size sheet of paper ( 81/2 x 14 1/2) for best results. Regular paper works but it creates a shorter shirt.

• Ideas for cards from Enchanted Learning

Gifts can be a bit of a challenge- they have everything they want or need, you can’t afford a present they’d like, or you haven’t a clue what they’d like in the first place. Maybe one of these DIY’s (do it yourself) will

• Make a CD of music he will like, or download music directly to his iPod.

• What are his favorite foods? Make him his favorite candy and tell him he doesn’t have to share. Don’t have the time to make him something now, make him a personal card redeemable for his favorite meal, dessert, candy etc.

• Make him a coupon book or card, which he can redeem at a later date, of things you will do for him.

• Clean his car, workspace or office. Cut the lawn so he doesn’t have to.

More gift ideas

Things to do on Father’s Day
• Make the day all about him. Ask him what he’d like to do and do it.

• Plan a picnic

• Go for a hike or walk

• Give him a foot massage, backrub or whatever might appeal to him.

• Rent a movie and watch it together.

• Play his favorite game with him.

• Take in a ball game or whatever his favorite sporting event might be.

• Arrange for Dad and his buddies to do something fun, like have a poker afternoon followed by a BBQ.

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