Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Take a Break: Make something with Christmas Tree Balls/NYC Tour

There are all sorts of Christmas tree balls in the stores, and chances are good you have some lying around that never make it onto your tree. So below are a number of things to try.

• Make a wreath using a coat hanger. Talk about easy. 

• Add various sizes and colors of balls to clear glass stemware, bowls, platters, etc. For example, use a champagne flute (they have them at the Dollar Store), and place tiny champagne colored balls inside. Nice decoration for a New Year’s party, particularly if you have them placed on a table runner. Place a large ball on top of a shot glass.  A glass trifle bowl filled balls would make a lovely centerpiece.

• Loop a piece of ribbon through one or two balls and then tie around a linen napkin. Voila a one of a kind napkin holder.
• Use small balls to make easy earrings.

• Turn them into a vase/candle holder by removing the metal top and gluing a small mirror to the bottom. Fill with flowers or a very thin tapered candle. 

• Make a tree topiary.

So if you have no desire to make something, take a stroll down around NYC, to improve your festive move. Don’t live in NYC, no problem. Check out these virtual tours:

• 2011 Christmas windows 

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