Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Take a Break: Make Ice-Lanterns/Sun Catchers/Shot glass

Since we’re running temps in Vermont that are zero, give or take a few degrees (at the moment, it’s 3 below) this is the perfect time to experiment making things with ice. If you live where it’s warm-lucky you- ice lanterns and ice shot glasses are still an option, as they’ll make attractive centerpieces for a party.

Ice Lanterns: There are many different ways to make an ice lantern. The easiest is to take a container of any size, fill it with water, and let it freeze about 75%. Turn the container up side down and run some warm water around it so the “lantern” will slide out. Pour out the water that doesn’t freeze and insert your candle in that space. 

For a little more elaborate lantern, but still easy:
  1. Put water in a container, (bucket, yogurt container, soda bottle) so it covers the bottom. Let freeze until solid
  2. Place a plastic glass, paper cup or other container in the center. Tape this to the sides of the original container. This will eventually be for your candle, so don’t fill with water. In the space between the large and small containers, fill with flowers, greens, berries, or whatever strikes your fancy. Then fill with water and refreeze until solid.
  3. To un mold, add hot water in the center bottle. As the ice melts, pull out the center container. Run hot water over the outside of the container and gently un mold. If it’s plastic, you can always cut it.
  4. If there are cracks in the ice, add a little bit of water to seal them and refreeze.
  5. Add a flameless candle and enjoy.
 With the Super Bowl coming up, add food coloring to the water, along with mini footballs, to make ice lanterns in your favorite teams colors. Use as a centerpiece, or line the driveway the night of the game.

Ideas for Ice lanterns

Ice Suncathers are easier than lanterns, in that you lay out items, such as leaves, in a cake pan or pie plate, either place strings, or put a paper cup which you can pass a ribbon through, and freeze.

Ice shot glasses: Can be used for tiny lanterns (votives) for an indoor party, but it would be very cool to serve something you want immediately chilled. You can purchase a mold, or follow these simple directions using a Dixie cup and shot glass. 

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  1. Frozen personalized shot glasses make a fun and original addition to warm-weather gatherings. Rather than simply adding the usual ice cubes, the cold part of the drink can be the entire shot glass itself made from solid ice! This is a neat, fun and often surprising way to serve drinks in hot weather, especially during balmy evenings.