Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Take a Break: Replace the Christmas Tree/Percussion

I come from a tradition where the Christmas tree goes up on Christmas eve, and stays until January 6. After 12 days, when the tree comes down, it leaves a big hole. I miss the tiny lights more than anything.

Living in Vermont, people do all sorts of creative things with birch and other tree limbs, branches and saplings. Several people I know have taken large pots, put branches in them and strung them with lights. They are a wonderful part of their décor and cost little to create.

You may not want a floor to ceiling length tree limb in your home, but a vase with twigs and small branches, sprinkled with tiny lights can give you the same effect. You can even decorate it with small hearts for Valentine’s Day, shamrocks for St. Patrick’s and so forth.

So take a break today by going outside and finding twigs (or a limb) and create a new décor piece to brighten the New Year.

I was totally inspired this week by the Siberian Percussionists playing ice sheets on Lake Baikal. particularly when compared to their “land” video

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