Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Take a Break: Make a Joy Jar/Secret Behind Mind Reading

As a follow up to this past Saturday’s post Joy: Embrace it for Healing, I thought making a joy jar would be a great way to reinforce the idea of paying attention to the positive events in one’s life. It’s also a nice way to start off the New Year.

The idea is simple, decorate a jar, vase, box or whatever strikes your fancy. Each day, take a slip of paper and write at least one positive thing you’ve experienced, are grateful for, and/or made you have a moment of joy. These are often simple things like seeing a cardinal at your bird feeder, a crisp snowy morning with the sun shinning, the smell of coffee that your spouse made so you could sleep a little later, a phone call from a good friend, good test results from your last medical appointment and so forth.

Slip the paper into your jar and at the end of a week, month, or year; take the time to read them.

Ideas for decorating:

You can also post your gratitude on-line  and be part of an international experience of sharing gratitude.

For something completely different, watch a 2 minute video to see what’s behind the amazing mind reader. 

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