Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Take a Break: Celebrate Earth Month Make your own art supplies/cosmetics/body care products

In keeping with April being Earth Month, and this Wednesday is in the middle of Earth week, today’s take a break is about making your own art supplies, cosmetics and body care products. If you missed last week, it covered making your own bread,Nutella and cleaning supplies. 

• Art supplies
-       Watercolors 
-       Modelingclay 
-       Crayons 
-       Fingerpaints
-       Chalk board paint: 1 T unsanded grout to 1/2 acrylic paint-mix until there are no lumps. Mix paint as needed, since it will harden. After it dries, lightly sand.
-       PuffyPaints 
-       ModelMagic 

• Cosmetics/Body Care
-       Natural body lotion 
-       Bubblebath 
-       Mouthwash 
-       BodyWash 
-       EyeCream 
-       Soap 
-       Sugar Scrub: Combine sugar and oil (safflouer, olive or whatever you have on hand) until it makes a good paste. I find that it definitely cuts down on the smell of cholrine after I’ve been swimming.
-       BathFizzies 
-       Lipstick 
-       Blush 
-       Mascara 

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