Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Take a Break: Make a Red, White and Blue Wreath

Memorial Day weekend and the official start of summer-and all those patriotic holidays-is just around the corner. What better way to show your red, white and blue spirit then with a special wreath for the door, window or wherever. Head to the Dollar Store and pick up some of those inexpensive wreath forms. Make a ribbon wreath using curling ribbon or other types by pinning them to the form. In the same manner, pick up flag and patriotic toothpicks and start pushing them into the wreath form. Mixing the two will have a nice effect.

For other ideas, check out

Tennis Racket and Felt Make a very interesting wreath:Like the wreath part but not so wild about the silver handle. 

Scrap Wreath: Loved the idea of shrinking this down for a pin, and the tiny white buttons make wonderful stars. This is a no-sew fabric project. 

If you don’t have a poppy to wear, check out Make Poppies. 

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