Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Take a Break:Arrange Flowers/Unique vases

With Mother’s Day on Sunday, take a break today and learn new ways to arrange flowers, including wild flowers,  as well as using interesting items for a vase.

So let’s start with the vase.
• Make a mini vase using nothing but a votive holderand a ballon. Perfect for small buds.

Drill a hole in a log, add a glass jar and you have a natural vase. If you have a rotting tree you plan to cut down, chances are you will have a number of natural vases without having to do anything. 

Tips on Flowers and flower arranging
Go for a walk and take a pair of scissors. Cut greens, flowers (in the garden or wild), grasses, flowering shrubs, apple blossoms or whatever strikes your fancy. Put them in water as soon a you get home. Keep them well hydrated until you are ready to use them.

Floral foam isn’t a requirement, but it is helpful for some designs. They will frequently have it at the Dollar Store for cheap. You can also use tape to make a grid pattern and it can work as well as floral foam.

How to Arrange Flowers Like a Professional: I found this to be a very helpful video as it shows how to use a taped grid, and how to handle very odd shaped vases 

Arranging wildflowers: I should be so lucky to have such wildlfowers at this time of year. Still there are lots of good ways to showcase whatever is growing in your area.

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