Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Take a Break: Halloween Leaves or not

It’s the first Wednesday in October. Instead of becoming totally obsessed by the fact that Halloween is four weeks away, I’ve decided to pace myself this year. If I start doing a lot of Halloween stuff now, by Oct. 31, I’m sick of looking at it.

Today’s take a break is all about fall leaves. Yes, they can be decked out for Halloween or they can be turned into a beautiful bowl.

Step 1: Go out and enjoy what I hope is a beautiful fall day where you live.

Step 2: Pick a variety of leaves. Maybe collect some acorns while you are at it.

Step 3: Select a project with leaves and have fun.

Rustic Halloween Bunting made with leaves that spell out Happy Halloween. Love the directions for preserving leaves using melted crayons. 

• Leaf Bowl:
Using polymer, Crayola brand or even a clay you make yourself, roll it out to about ¼ of an inch thick. To get an even thickness, lay chopsticks on either side. Take a large leaf and lay it vein side down.  Roll over the leaf several times to make sure it imprints in the clay. Use a sharp tool, can be a knife, nail file or even a paper clip, cut around the leaf. Smooth the edges. Cover the inside of a bowl with cling wrap-best if it’s one you don’t use for food-paper or plastic bowl is fine. Now place you leaf inside the bowl and gently press it down until it takes the shape of the bowl. Let dry according to the clay you are using. Then paint or decorate. You can use a series of smaller leaves and have them overlap.

Leaves made from Mod Podge: If you don’t have mod podge on hand, you can make your own by mixing equal parts water and white glue. 

• Leaf card: Use the leaf as a stencil. Find some small leaves and lay them between heavy books so they lay flat. Tape them to card stock, or colored scrapbook paper,  vein side down. Double sided tape works well. Don’t use glue as it can leave a mark. Carefully paint around the leaf. You can always make it darker after the first layer dries.  Once dry, carefully remove the leaf. Using a small paint brush- a toothpick will work-and put in the veins.  

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