Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Take a Break: Create Last minute gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is four days a way and if you haven’t figured out something to do for her, or the other lovely women in your life who deserved to be recognized, consider some of these low cost/no cost ideas:

• Your Amazon Prime, Netflix, or HBO Go Account Number: Free for you, as you already pay your subscription, these services generally allow you to add someone else to your account. Set it up for her, making sure she has her own password. Make an attractive card, outlining the steps for accessing the services that she can keep handy.

• Make a present of home-made cleaning supplies along with a note saying when you will do the difficult chores such as spring cleaning, cleaning out the garage etc. In the same vein, wrap up a garden tool, gloves, seeds etc. and let her know what your gardening schedule will be for her.

• If she likes fresh herbs, take some glass jars, pour rocks in the bottom, add potting soil, and plant a few seeds of her favorite herbs-one type per jar. Label the jar. Since gardening stores have lots of starter herbs on sale now, it’s easy to transplant them into some nice pots or window boxes. Select colors of pots that fit her kitchen decor.

• For the wine enthusiast, customize her favorite bottle with a free printable label

• Frame an enlarged photograph of a special person, place or time. If you don’t have a frame handy, stop by the Dollar Store or your local thrift store. Be sure to include a note about the picture.

• If you have the time, go to a local used bookstore and see if you can find a children’s book from her childhood. Framing pages from a picture book creates a nice piece of artwork she can enjoy.

• Download a movie poster from her favorite film. Turn it into a Happy Mother’s Day card, which is also an invite to dinner and her favorite movie in the convenience of yours or her home. As a special treat, wrap up some of her favorite movie candy, popcorn, wine etc.

• You have a few more days to go “junking” at local flea markets, second hand stores etc. Let the  “treasurers” be your inspiration. Need some ideas:
-       * A vase with wild flowers or from your local food store
*   * Couple yards of fabric, or even a table cloth or vintage sheet can be turned into an infinity scarf. 

-        * Take a small table or chair and turn it into something that reflects her taste. A coat of paint and fabric can do wonders.
    * Check the fabric, table cloth and sheets bins. Use scraps to make interesting decorative pillows.
    How to 
* Repurpose lamps and lampshades by repainting or decorating the base and shade. Check out

• Instead of a card, start a “Mother’s Day Book.”  Using a blank book, or a nice binder, and let each child and Dad design a page every year. Even when children are grown, they can still contribute a page.

Not interested in today’s activity? Check out the Take a Break Pinterest for lots of Take a Break ideas. 

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