Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Take a Break: Welcome Summer

With Memorial Day weekend just a few days away, it’s a good time to make some items that you can enjoy all summer.

 Summer Wreath for the door: Lots of ideas for something festive
• Umbrella wreath: Start with a Styrofoam ring and a box of drink umbrellas. Stick them into the foam. May need to use glue to get them to stay in place.
• Dots: Pick up a couple of boxes of Dots Candy and use either pins or toothpicks to stick them into the Styrofoam ring.
• Garden Hose Wreath: Love this idea. Take some old hose and wrap it around. Wire on some faux flowers along with a pair of gloves, plastic trowel or whatever else strikes your fancy and finish it with a bow. 

Make a Welcome Summer Kit for Someone: Depending on age and preferences, pack a small cooler, pail or another summer related container with all sorts of things they can use in the months to come. Items to consider: glow sticks, star gazing guide, bubbles, beach ball, sand pail, gardening spade or gloves, flip flops, squirt gun, Popsicle mold, something for the BBQ, a book by their favorite author, sunscreen, water bottle, bug spray, beach blanket, tickets to the baseball game or outdoor concert, or a summer wine with appropriate glassware and cheese.

Sidewalk Chalk: Mix three tablespoons of tempera paint with one cup of cold water. Slowly add one and a half cups of plaster of Paris and stir until the lumps dissolve. Pour into muffin tins and let harden. For a slightly different twist, try sidewalk paint.  

Memorial Day Activities: Lots of ideas from how to clean gravestones to making a five-pointed star in one snip.

Container Garden: Even if it’s planting a few herbs for the kitchen, there is a lot you can do to enhance your recipes with food you’ve grown yourself. 

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