Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Take a Break: Russian Christmas-Make a Matryoshka Ornament

Matryoshka, or nesting dollars, are among the most popular of Russian souvenirs, even though they are a relatively recent art form. In the traditional nesting doll sets all of the dolls look almost identical to one another, and the number of dolls in the set ranges from 5 to 30. Learn more about at Russian Dolls-Words of the World. 

Decoupage Du Noel Russe  has a series of patterns you can download for free and make into an ornament or a place tag for the holiday table. Note that the large Matryoshka  has arms and legs to add and NOEL appears on the apron. Since I was using this as a craft for young children, I printed out a copy, “whited out” NOEL and printed on card stock. They are easy to color and will look lovely on a tree.

For more Matryoshka fun, watch:

                                                           Dance of the Matryoshki 

                                                     How Nesting Dolls are Made 

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