Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Take a Break: Russian Christmas: Russian Holidays-Five pointed Star with Twigs

The star has been part of Christmas traditions and holidays the world over and Russia is no exception. During the Communist era, it was usually red and had a variety of meanings including the five fingers of the worker’s hand. That noted, today’s activity is to make a five pointed star from twigs.  
If it’s too snowy where you live, you can make them with five pieces of pretty much anything, including tooth picks, coffee stirrers or even skewers. I used the latter to learn how to make these.

I started with directions I found on-line  and suggest that you look at them.

 • Use five twigs (or whatever else you have handy) and make sure they are of equal size.
 • Lay them so they are parallel to one another | | | | |
 • Tie or use small rubber bands so they look like this \/\/\
 • Lay the one /\ over the other and you should see the 5 pointed star shape appear. Tie off the remaining loose ends and you will have a five-pointed star.
 • Depending on how you wish to use it, wrap ribbon around the connecting points.

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