Friday, May 1, 2015

Making Life Easier: Entertaining Hacks When Affected by a Chronic Condition

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Socializing is key to our well-being, and even linked to longevity. Just because you have a chronic condition doesn’t mean you have to miss out, or feel like you’re not holding up your end of the “entertainment.”  Below are “hacks” to make it easier:

• Pick your entertainment venue keeping in mind your energy level, budget, what you and your friends find enjoyable, and the amount of time you can dedicate to prep and clean up. Try different occasions that could be unique, fun and easy to do. In addition to the suggestions below, don’t hesitate to plan a last minute gathering because it’s a day where you find yourself with both time and good energy.  Ideas to consider:
-       Picnic
-       Game night
-       Popcorn and a movie night
-       Outdoor concert
-       BBQ
-       Watch the sun set
-       Bonfire
-       Pizza party
-       Craft or Art-fun to do around the holidays when everyone is anxious about having gifts
-       Tea time
-       Walk on the beach
-       Spa afternoon

• Conserve your energy:
-       Schedule it for when you have the most energy. A breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea or cocktail party may be much better than a  formal dinner.
     Make it a potluck, dessert only, buy prepared foods use disposable products and/or have the food catered
     Plan more intimate gatherings, say a party for a few friends, versus the gang from work.
     Hire help and/or take people up on their effort to help with the cleaning, set up and after party clean up.
     Start early preparing for the party. Set the table a day ahead. Make food on days you have the energy and freeze.
    Be sure to eat and drink while preparing for the party and plan a rest period before the guests arrive.

Keep costs low
-       Have a potluck
     Host a brunch instead of a dinner party
      Limit guests
           Keep it simple. Focus on flavors. A well seasoned chicken can taste as good as beef tenderloin.
     Limit beverages, particularly alcohol. There are lots of good boxed wines out there. You can put the wine in a glass container and no one will be the wiser.

-      Using containers and serving dishes, no one is the wiser if you shop at the discount or dented can stores.

-       Picking a season where nature helps you decorate. Fall leaves, summer flowers, spring buds and winter greens will cost you nothing but can look stunning.

-       Pick fun activities that cost nothing, such as a game night, watching a football game on TV.

• Specify Start and End Times: Include arrival time as well as when the party will end in your invite.

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