Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Take A Break: Celebrating Christmas 1930s: Repurposed Decorations

This past Monday, I did a daylong workshop for our local school on 1930s Christmas using just what they had on hand to decorate and celebrate the holiday. In addition to other posts this month-see list below- we also did the following:

Scrap Garland: Tie 6” strips of fabric or ribbon to twine. As the second grade teacher noted, “This would be a great way to remember a favorite item of clothing.” It’s easier if the ends are tacked down using something like painter’s tape. The closer the knots are, the better it looks. Good project to do with young kids as all it requires is a simple knot. 

Tin Ornaments: There are lots of cookie tins at the local thrift store. Left over roof flashing scraps work well. Use a cookie cutter and trace shapes (hearts are very popular). Cut out with tin snips or a good pair of scissors. The Pink Hare has a good tutorial on hand to disassemble tin boxes.  In the 1930s they would use old tins, including pie plates, to make tin ornaments. Use a nail to punch a hole for a ribbon. Of course, if you have the time and interest, punch tin

Make garlands, swags and wreaths from what grows in your neighborhood. While it’s easy for us in New England to lay our hands on pine for swags and wreaths, head out doors and see what’s in your area. Even bare branches and twigs can look quite festive with a coating of white paint and a gorgeous bow.  

Use Paper Patterns: The women’s magazine of the 1930s always had patterns. Here are some to try that are very easy:

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